AEC Magazine highlights some of the work presented by two architectural visualisation firms at the CG2 Code for Art conference recently staged by rendering specialist, Chaos Group, the developer of V-Ray


Studio Niskota

(Zagreb, Croatia) -

Mountain House

(3ds Max, Corona, ForestPack, Thinkbox Frost) In this scene, the snowy environment gave the Studio Niskota team a chance to try out a ‘no post-work’ approach, exploring the atmospheric effects that can be achieved in a raw render. The footsteps in the snow are generated at render time, instead of being physically modelled in the scene
Ban Center Living
(3ds Max, V-Ray, ForestPack) Rendered in V-Ray, this project focuses on an apartment located in Ban Centar, a luxury development in the historic centre of Zagreb
Project 1
(3ds Max, Vray, ForestPack, Marvelous Designer) This was Studio Niskota’s first personal project, exploring the theme of a predominantly white interior, to see what effects can be achieved simply by varying the texture and material properties of objects. The penguin was added in post

Brick Visual Solutions

(Budapest, Hungary) -

AHR Architects: Oxford Station

The big challenge for this RIBA Design competition-winning project was modelling the entire environment, and capturing the atmosphere of the square and the nearby university building
BakPak Architects: Sosnowiec Sports Complex

The initial composition outlined in the first sketch was carried right through to the final image

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